When the Army Acts like the Police …

Both Ralph Nader and Michael Moore were on The Oreilly Factor this week saying to deal with terrorism, they would target Osama bin Laden.  Rejecting the invasion of Afghanistan, Moore said he “would have gone after the man that killed 3,000 people.” Ralph Nader said on Oreilly, July 26, 2004:

“OK, 9/11 happens. What do you got to do? You got to go after the backers of the attackers, because the attackers are no more. They committed suicide. So you go after them under the doctrine of hot pursuit. It's very important to do this under international law, which allows us, with other nations, to send commandos, spies and bribes to zero in on wherever we think the backers are.”

What the left wants our military to do, and O’Reilly called Ralph Nader on it, is to act like a police force. 

On August 21, 1992, Randy Weaver’s wife son and dog were killed by federal agents, after they invaded his property over a minor firearms charge (in which they entrapped Weaver).  Not much longer after this was Waco, in which the government invaded a private complex in military like fashion.  Even after this was the case of Elian Gonzalez, in which a 6 yr old boy was taken from his home at gunpoint.  There is a uniting them in all of these cases: the police force is acting like the army.

The left wants the police to act like an army and the army to act like the police.  This should frighten Americans.  If the army acts like the police, we are giving individual rights to enemies who would rather have us killed. If the police acts like an army, it is waging war on its own citizens.

How justice is served is answered by philosophy (and reality always delivers mounds of proof to verify correct conclusions).  How governments organize themselves is based on the entity’s involved (men or nations) nature and self-interest. 

Among individual men, a government should govern them, and disputes should be handled by going through a legal process, i.e. the two men cannot take justice in their own hands.  If men lived in anarchy, forced to essentially be their own protective government, they would turn into thugs at the mercy of any roaming gang.  We would revert to primitivism and nothing would ever be built, invented or produced, as long term planning would be impossible.

Among nations, no such ruling entity should exist.  Whereas man would die and stagnate if protecting his own life was in his hands, a nation would perish if protecting its own borders wasn’t in its own hands.  A nation, an entire collection of men living under the same government, is capable of raising a force to protect itself.  To live under a higher government would do nothing but leave it vulnerable. 

The left wants to pervert this.  Ask yourself why. 

Who benefits if a government, such as the United States, is cut off at the knees, unable to take out other malignant regimes, but has the ability to invade its own citizens with 400 agents over a minor charge?

It is obvious who benefits and who loses if this rational form of justice is perverted.  If justice is perverted like this, tyrants will flourish and regular citizens will be cowered into submission. 

Why does the left scream about U.S “imperialism” in Iraq but never mention the torture and abuse Saddam put his own people through?  Why are they more adamant about the “rights” of Iraqi war prisoners than they are of American citizens?  To leftists, Osama bin Laden, who many leftists have said should be “innocent until proven guilty” has more rights than Randy Weaver. 

If you want to preserve your rights – your right to your own life, liberty and happiness – you must fight your individual rights at home and for a self-governing nation with a strong military to protect you from enemies (who wish to see you dead) abroad.