Amber Pawlik Guestbook Policy

I hope that you have enjoyed my website. Please feel free to sign my guestbook. If you are writing to commend one of my e-books, please also consider leaving a review on Amazon. The links are Objectivist Sexuality and Islam on Trial. Also, I will post new articles and any public appearances on my facebook page.

Guestbook signatures will not be displayed until they are approved by me. I will not approve signatures under the following conditions.

  • Spam will not be permitted. I will allow one negative post (and I would strongly prefer reasoned criticism but even one "nastygram" will be tolerated) but any posts after that will not be approved.
  • I will not approve any signature at my discretion that does not leave a valid email address.
  • I will not approve any signature that is done in extremely poor taste (racist slurs or anything that attacks me--instead of my ideas--personally).

Thanks for taking the time to write to me!

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