"Perhaps it should be our new slogan: Ignorance is Strength; Freedom is Slavery; Islam is Peace." Amber Pawlik

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Islam on Trial: The Prosecutionís Case An article that argues that the violent ideology of Islam is the root of Islamic terrorism. Until we challenge Islam ideologically, Islamic terrorism will not be defeated. It includes a statistical study of the Koran which found over 50% of it is hatred of infidels.

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ďI read this essay thinking Islam's primary text, the Koran, had a few violent passages that the terrorists used to justify their actions, but that the majority of the Koran was the more mundane, typical advice for living a moral life, as found in other religions. After reading Amber Pawlik's carefully researched, factual, objective paper, Islam on Trial, which examines the Koran and Islam as a prosecuting attorney might in a court of law, my eyes were opened.ď

A fresh approach (Amazon US)
ďA fresh approach to the Koran's impact on modern society that begins with an analysis of the contemporary political correctness assault on reason."

"... very comprehensive, and I can clearly see an analytical mind at work. [...] your candid manner and analytical method are both refreshing." -- Major Meeker

Islam on Trial
September 11, 2001 changed the world. Islamic terrorists hijacked American airplanes and flew them into several major, symbolic buildings of hers, causing thousands to fall, crash, or burn to their early death. The terrorists who did it did not do it for land or money: they did it fully, openly, and proudly in the name of their religion, Islam, being promised 72 virgins in their so-called heaven. It thrust unto us Middle Eastern politics, Islam, and a new enemy. Islam itself has come into the forefront of public debate. Or at least, it should have.

The majority of us have at least a crude knowledge of Islam and what Islamic countries are like. We know that the majority of common people live in abject poverty. We know that their progress is slim to none. We know that they still publicly stone and hang alleged criminals. We know that they cover their women head-to-toe and often deny them education. We know that they defy just about all Western ideals.

One would think that, especially after September 11, 2001, there would be criticism of Islam coming from every which way. Feminists, Christians, capitalists, secularists, human rights activists, hell even animal rights activists should have something to say about Islam. We are, after all, a country with free speech arenít we? Yet, even after September 11, there has been nothing but haunting silence.

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