The goal of my writing has always been to present ideas in a way that is frank, honest, and crystal clear. I specialize in topics that are vitally important yet untouched by the mainstream. Amber Pawlik

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Objectivist Sexuality: An Outline for Happily Ever After The purpose of Objectivist Sexuality: An Outline for Happily Ever After, written from the viewpoint of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, is to provide a principled approach to dating, sex, and relationships. Although philosophical in nature, it has a very practical purpose in mind: helping people define, seek, and ultimately find the love of their life.

To be successful at this—finding the love of your life—one must be philosophically prepared. A person needs to have thought about and answered certain questions. This book raises and answers those questions. Questions like: What are your values? What do you want in another person? How are you going to find that person? When you do, how will you treat them?

Building off of Objectivism, the foundation of Objectivist Sexuality is objectivity. Just as Objectivism begins by studying the nature of man, so Objectivist Sexuality begins by studying the nature of man and woman. From this, an objective definition of gender is given. Femininity and masculinity are both defined, which are important aspects of who we are as sexual beings. Romantic love, as a coming together of two individuals who have a conscious high regard for one another, is celebrated. Dating is upheld as a rational and individualistic process to find another person of romantic interest. A full discussion of how to handle day-to-day life after finding your special someone is given, which emphasizes rational self-interest as the basis for a strong marriage.

Above all, Objectivist Sexuality advocates that reason is the basis for a blissful “happily ever after.” It is a must read for those still dating.
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On ‘Demand Side’ Economics: Why Spending Cannot Improve the Economy but Freedom Can This article seeks to explain as clear as possible one of the most intellectually difficult economic concepts to grasp: how inflation will destroy an economy. It is meant to give answers to the economics questions many people have today. It covers the basics of economics and then argues against the long held belief, originated by John Maynard Keynes, that stimulus money will jumpstart an economy. It can be considered an Economics 101 and 201 course.

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Islam on Trial: The Prosecution’s Case An article that argues that the violent ideology of Islam is the root of Islamic terrorism. Until we challenge Islam ideologically, Islamic terrorism will not be defeated. It includes a statistical study of the Koran which found over 50% of it is hatred of infidels.

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A Moral Case for Geolibertarianism

This book gives a moral case for Geolibertarianim. Although this position is not the explicit Objectivist (the philosophy of Ayn Rand) position, the moral case for Geolibertarianism in this book builds from the ethics and politics of Objectivism. This book argues that Geolibertarianism is the ethical position because land, an invaluable and finite good that cannot be produced, is different from other goods on the market.

In addition, this book shows that the Geolibertarian land tax provides an elegant solution to a difficult political problem: how to fund a capitalistic government. Perhaps most importantly, it provides one solution to an inevitable political problem: a growing population with a finite amount of land; a problem that Europe has succumbed to.

In less than 30 pages, this book will make you check your premises!

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Didactic Method to Teach Economics

An education system, inspired by Maria Montessori, that uses tangible materials to teach economics. The videos explain how to teach the lessons or are the lessons themselves.

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