Amber Pawlik What People Have Said About Me

People you might know:

"A woman with her own mind and a fantastic future. Keep it up!" - Tammy Bruce

"I like your website." - Daniel Pipes

"Myself and other Iranian political activists would like to congradulate you on your insight, interest and depth of perspicacity when it comes to the idiot Mullahs and our struggle for a secular country." Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi, daughter of Iranian political priosner Siamek Pourzand.

"Your questions prompted by Amber Pawlink's letter are excellent, as is Amber Pawlik's Letter to the Editor. I pray the editor published it." - Former Reagan friend and advisor, on a letter to the editor of mine

From Fans:

"Thank you for that extremely well-written article on your website regarding Objectivist Sexuality; I found it quite helpful and thought-provoking." - email to me, from a former President of a college Objectivist club.

"Your articles are proably the best, most articulate, and well written views that I have ever seen on the net." - email to me

Editors and Publishers

"I look forward to publishing your work in the future! I find your writing style refreshing." - President of The Valley Patriot.

From Democrats, Moderates, and people I supposedly hate:

"As a lesbian, I find your view on homosexuality refreshing." - Guestbook signature

"Although I do not agree and am a bit ambivalent toward some of your apparent views, I am very much in appreciation of your article on "Nurturing Positive, Values-Based Relationships". People could use a healthy shot of your advice if not a year long intensive on being courteous, friendly and working towards what they want rather than focusing on everything they hate. Most of all in their most intimate partner!" - email to me

"I have no idea how I found your site. We're pretty different politically, but I do enjoy some of your ideas. In particular, I was struck by your "multiple relationships create baggage, not wisdom" sentiment expressed in your last blog entry. [Y]ou should keep working that idea, it might make for an interesting article. " - Guestbook signature


My favorite comment from an enemy:

"The only real difference is that she appears to like men without striving to be one." on the difference between me and Ann Coulter

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